The 10 Biggest Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

Do you need a little inspiration for your upcoming kitchen remodel? Check out our picks for the 10 biggest kitchen design trends in 2018.

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen this year?

Depending on the size and shape of the kitchen space you have to work with, there are loads of options you can go with.

If you need help finding inspiration, look no further than this article where we will list top ten biggest kitchen design trends of 2018. Read on to find out more.

1. Neutral Colors

The kitchen design trends of 2018 are gearing towards a more sterile, slick, and modern look. This starts with soft, lighter color shades.

Think pastels, greys, taupes, beiges, and whites. However, with this in mind, cleanliness is key. While this colors will bring modernity to any kitchen, they also show up grime and dirt more easily.

Be sure you’ll be able to stay on top of cleaning duties should you decide for this popular kitchen color trend.

2. Quartz Countertops

In line with the demand for lighter colors, quartz has become one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops.

Though it is more high-end, it’s worth the investment that’s for sure. Extremely durable and long-lasting, it requires little maintenance and is also anti-microbial.

A quartz countertop will look great in your kitchen for years to come and is classic enough to not go out of trend anytime soon.

Thanks to advancements in technology, quartz can now be sourced in a wider range of colors than ever before. So even if softer colors aren’t your thing, you can still make a statement.

In fact, you can even get quartz countertops with unique styles and finishes such as fossil-like swirls and textured effects.

3. Composite Sinks

Subtle and sleek, composite sinks are one of the hottest kitchen design trends of 2018.

If you’re not up on what this trend is, it’s when sinks are made from the same material as the kitchen’s countertop.

This creates a smoother, more uniform look that also eliminates the problem of cleaning between those awkward nooks and crannies.

This trend can easily be paired with that of quartz countertops as you plan your 2018 kitchen revamp.

4. Open Shelving

Open shelves have grown in popularity as an effective way to display your beautiful arrangements of plates, glassware, and crockery.

This trend draws on providing the illusion of space and is a great option for smaller kitchens. However, no matter the size, this trend will suit any kitchen big or small.

5. Darker Cabinets

Despite what we mentioned before about neutral and softer colors, darker colored cabinets also happen to be in.

Going for dark grey, brown, or black cabinets can really make your kitchen pop and highlight the rich contrast between the more somber-colored storage units and an overall neutral color scheme.

When it comes to contrasting colors, black seems to be the most popular go-to. However, more earthy hues such as forest green, dark taupe, and navy are cropping up more and more.

6. Pullout Kitchen Storage

Whilst the aesthetics of a kitchen are indeed important, functionality should take top priority. This includes decent storage for all your utensils and food.

Effective storage eliminates one of the biggest annoyances when dreaming up your perfect kitchen – unnecessary wasted space.

Efficient storage solutions counter the challenge of having too little storage space and having to cram all your tins together. One of the ways designers are tackling inadequate storage space is by getting more creative with cabinetry.

Pullout cabinets, spice racks, and small appliance cubbies are some of the trendiest and most genius solutions to hit modern kitchens.

These along with rollout trays, as well as caddies for pots and pans, and easily accessible tray dividers for cutlery will make your life a whole lot easier.

Keep an eye out for more innovative storage and cabinetry designs throughout 2018 for more ideas on how to make your kitchen more practical.

7. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen island countertops have the capability of being the hub and heart of any working kitchen. Of the many kitchen design trends of 2018, this one is easily one of the most practical.

You’ll notice this year that kitchen islands are getting bigger, and more multifunctional.

Serving as both a congregational social focal point of the kitchen space with seating to serve casual dining or drinking, as well as the main worktop, the kitchen island will become the ultimate utility player in 2018.

Boasting more storage space, as well as a wider variety of under-counter appliances – kitchen islands are making an impact and are set to rock the kitchen design world in a big way this year. Get ready to invest in or revamp yours.

8. Smart Kitchens

Smart kitchens are an ever-evolving aspect of kitchen design. This not only makes them intriguing, but extremely popular with the tech-savvy, or even tech-curious among us.

Integrating smart technology into your kitchen is just another way of raising the bar of your household as a whole.

Incorporating smart-tech into your kitchen design can cover everything from your small appliances to your faucets, oven, fridge, even mood lighting.

Fancy pre-heating your oven before you get home in time to cook dinner more quickly whilst out? You can set it on your mobile device. Voice control your lights. Activate sensors in your cupboards so they open on demand.

Even if you don’t go all the way in creating an entirely ‘smart kitchen’, it’s possible to go for more subtle add-ons such as motion sensor-equipped taps that will run when hands are held underneath them.

Another handy add-on is a smart-timer set so that your coffeemaker has your energy boost ready for the time you wake up every day.

9. Wood Flooring

Wood-flooring remains the most popular choice for modern kitchens in 2018, reigning supreme over tiles once more.

Another addition to this that continues to grow in popularity is cozy heated floors. Especially during Winter, there’s nothing more satisfying than stepping onto a toasty warm floor as you prepare your breakfast.

10. Brass Details

Lastly, to add some shiny detailing to your sleek new kitchen, why not try something a little different? Either go for polished for a more sophisticated and modern look.

Or go for a more shabby chic look with unpolished, rustic brass drawer handles and faucets.

Thoughts on The Kitchen Design Trends of 2018?

This list of trends is ripe for inspiration and is sure to get your brain a buzzing when it comes to the ‘look’ of your new kitchen.