5 Beautiful Bathroom Shower Designs To Consider in 2018

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom? Discover new, beautiful bathroom shower designs that will inspire your next remodeling project.

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When you’re a homeowner, it is important to view it as an investment. As you would with any other investment, you should monitor it and take steps to improve its value.

One way to do this with your home is by remodeling. Not only does updating your home make it a better place to live, but it adds value to your home. For instance, estimates indicate that while the average bathroom remodel costs around $18,000, homeowners can expect to recoup about 66% of that in resale value.

Ready to upgrade your home’s bathroom? Check out these 5 bathroom shower designs to improve your look.

Tile Trends

One of the most important features impacting bathroom shower designs is your choice of tile. The tile you use in your shower sets the mood and dictates what aesthetic you are going for.

Geometric Patterns

A popular trend is shower tiles is playing with unique geometric patterns. Instead of just looking at square and rectangle options, consider hexagons for a different look.

Organic Looks

Natural colors are becoming more popular in bathrooms. Neutrals, beach blues, and pale greens can all create a nature-inspired look in your shower. Some folks have even taken to using wood planks as flooring for their shower.

Texture Trends

Another important feature to consider with shower tile is texture, particularly for the floor of the shower. A raked or pebble style floor for your shower can provide a comfortable feeling for your feet while you are showering.

Large Showers

Baths have decreased in popularity in recent years. For this reason, many homeowners have decided to forego a bathtub in the master bathroom. With that extra space, they make room for a large shower.

In many cases, these showers are more like “shower rooms” than shower stalls. In some instances, they may even feature two shower heads to give couples the opportunity to shower together. Some folks include a feature that allows the shower to double as a steam room.

Radiant Heat Tile Floors

While not a part of your shower, the floor you step on when you step out of the shower impacts your overall experience. If you live in a cold part of the country, these tiles can get cold during the winter months.

Luckily, there is a solution. Running radiant heat under the tiles can give you the option to have a toasty floor to step on when you get out of the shower. This heating requires low energy and can heat only specific parts of the floor if you so choose.

Luxury Features

Not all aspects of bathroom shower designs are a matter of aesthetic value. Many of the most popular design trends are related to luxury features that make showering more comfortable.

Experts recommend that adults shower about once every other day. Over the course of your lifetime, that is a lot of time spent in the shower, so it’s important to have a comfortable experience. Including some luxury features can help you feel like you are having a spa experience in your own home.

Shower Seats

For older folks or with disabilities, a shower seat can be essential. These seats can make it so you can take a full shower without needing to stand the whole time.

This can be especially important to include if you plan to have older parents live with you. Even if you don’t, having increased accessibility will come in handy when you get older.

Other Accessibility Features

If you want to make your shower as accessible as possible, there are some other features to consider. For one, make sure that there is no step required to get in or out. You also might want to install a sturdy bar for holding on to.

Rain Shower Head

Unlike a regular shower head, which sprays shower from an angle, a rain shower head sprays it from directly above. This provides a drenching experience during your shower with exceptional water pressure.

If you choose an adjustable showerhead, you will be able to choose to have it spray at an angle, You will also be able to raise the height of the shower head, an important feature for taller folks.


If you shave in the shower, you know how important it is to be able to see clearly. Otherwise, you can end up with some painful nicks. Including overhead lighting in the shower can be a great way to step up the quality of your experience.

High Tech

If you really want to take your shower to the next level, there are several high tech features you can consider. For instance, you can install a gauge that allows you to control the exact temperature and pressure of your water. You may also enjoy a shower that includes jets that hit you from the sides, rather than just a shower head from above.

Think Big Picture

While these aspects of bathroom shower design are a great place to start, it is important to remember that a shower is only one part of your bathroom. As you choose your design features, you should consider choices that will work well throughout the whole bathroom.

For instance, whatever tile you choose for the walls and floor of your shower should go well with tile on the walls and floors of the rest of your bathroom. This does not necessarily mean you need to use the same tiles throughout. In fact, it is in trend to choose materials that are different but that complement each other.

The key is to choose a design aesthetic that works together. If you are going for a geometric look, carry it through the rest of the bathroom. The same goes for a natural look.

Get New Bathroom Shower Designs for Your Home

With these 5 bathroom shower designs in mind, you will be on your way to a beautiful bathroom redesign. This will make your home feel luxurious, and improve your resale value as well.

Ready to start on your home’s remodel? Contact us, and we will help you plan your home’s new look.